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Loyalty not only for the customer - but also for your business!


We are an independant business that specialices in a Loyalty program including a full CRM system. We assist in choosing the right module for your business. The program is build for Small & Medium sized Enterprises - we are a large community, that welcomes you! When you choose to go with our Loyalty concept, we have a platform of active members that counts over 9.500.000 people.

What are you waiting for?Let's get in touch and get you started today with your own program.


When using a loyalty program your sales go up!

83% of all cardholders actively changes their shopping behavior, when joining a loyalty program.*

In general 3 costumers will recomend you to 3 of their friends & family.*

That's making an easy sale - when holding on to your customers. Giving your customers the possibility to join your Loyalty program, gives not only you the benefit of maxemising sales - BUT you give your customers a great value aswell.

25% of all customers shop more frequently, when taking part in a Loyalty program! Joining the shoppingcommunity, you will benefit from having alot of great partners to spar with, B2B deals and through the advertisement platform & free APP you will be visible to more than 9.500.000 members in 47 countries.

88% of the businesses that have a Loyalty program , are more profitable than their competition.*

*Markam Market Research 2011 *Deloitte


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The thought behind the program is to give SMEs access to a Loyalty program that is affordable, in both the program and advertisement.

By joining a larger community of other SMEs with Loyalty businesses, you enter a world of making a difference.

We support each other in the local community, and make sure that the quality of the small distributer is kept alive.

This means more quality, less stock, wich results in less consumption and less waste. So in end effect, we care for the enviroment as well.

It is 100% data secured in terms of the new laws. It is easy to use, and all administration is an easy task.

A system like this normally costs in the millions - very few SMEs can afford to establish something like this on their own. Here you are in a comunity, where we support each other.


Once you have signed up for your own loyalty program, we will get you and your staff started properly. We help with graphic work and text if needed. We do educational steps, to train you and your staff in the electronics, and service part if needed.

All you have to do is make the right decision.